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*In Saskatchewan and Quebec, the services are provided to private sellers through a "for-sale-by-owner" model. In Alberta, Ontario and Manitoba, the services to homeowners are provided by ComFree Commonsense Network, a brokerage duly registered in each of those three provinces under the applicable real estate legislations. Learn more.

Why buy a home with ComFree?

Receive thousands in cash back

With ComFree, buy your dream home and get thousands in cash back.

We work just as hard as other Manitoba buying agents to help you buy the house of your dreams, with the same complete service. The only difference? Instead of keeping the commission offered by the seller’s agent for ourselves, we split it with you. Sharing that money with you is what we call cash back, and it can end up being thousands in your pocket!

We show you any home that’s for sale

We check the whole market, not just ComFree homes

No matter where it’s advertised, we’ll search the market until we find the home that’s right for you. Whether it’s a home that is "for sale by owner", one of ours, or a house being sold by another agent, your home is where our heart is.

The ComFree buying experience

With us, get your dream home and the expertise you need.

Team up with an expert in your neighbourhood to find the home that fits you.

Our local real estate agents are with you every step of the way:
  • Building a buying strategy
  • House hunting
  • Finding comparable sale prices
  • Preparing an offer
  • Handling the negotiations

Your cash back

Happy buyers

Every day, more and more Canadians are trusting us to find their next home.

How it works

Building your buying strategy

We’ll meet with you, walk you through the process of buying a house, and learn what you’re looking for in your next home. Together, we’ll build a strategy that’s right for you.

House hunting

We’ll set you up with email alerts for homes that match your criteria, send the house listings we’ve found to your inbox, and gather information on any property for sale that has piqued your interest. Then we’ll book the showings and take you house-hunting until we find your dream home.

Offers and negotiations

We’ll help you decide on an offer strategy, handle the negotiations, manage all of the particularities of the sale, and of course, seal the deal.

Receive thousands in cash back

We do the same work as another buying agent, but instead of keeping the commission for ourselves, we split it with you – that can end up being thousands of dollars in your pocket!

Tips for buying a house

Get to know the process of buying in Manitoba, before you start the hunt.